Joining Tau Beta Pi

Congratulations on your nomination to Tau Beta Pi! To join Tau Beta Pi, you will need to fill out your information on the national Tau Beta Pi website and complete a few chapter requirements (sent via email). If any requirement seems too onerous to complete, please contact your initiation chairs or any officer to discuss!


Shine your bents and start getting signatures!
To search for Tau Beta Pi members/professors, look at this website.

Here is a list of University Staff members/professors who are Tau Beta Pi members: TBP Engineering Faculty

If you need a bent, contact the initiation chair.

Statement of Character Information:

Also, you must write and submit a statement of character. This will be a short essay (300-400 words) about why you meet the criteria to become a Tau Bate: review the powerpoint attached to the initiation invitation email or visit the national website. This must include one picture as well. (The picture is under your discretion, can be of yourself, somewhere you have volunteered, something that means a lot to you, etc.)

Requirements/Important Dates Fall 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018. Informational smoker for selected candidates. Ralph G Anderson Building, Rm 203, 7pm. Business casual if possible. Dinner provided. See you there!